Inspiração Shi Zen

Shi Zen 80 g/m2

There are people who devote themselves to filling two roles in their daily life: producing the best work, but which is also environmental friendly. Pioneer Shi Zen was designed for them. A naturally inspiring paper.

Inspiration is essential in everything we do. Whether it is a simple task or an important project, everything changes when you are inspired. The ordinary becomes excellent. The usual becomes remarkable.
Pioneer Shi Zen is driven by a great idea: Nature and Mankind are one and the same thing. Whenever we are in harmony with the surrounding environment everything flows better.
Specially developed for the production of high quality colour documents, Pioneer paper is essential in any project.

Which result do you aspire to for your projects?
The standard or the remarkable?
Get inspired.

Inspiração Shi Zen
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
Ultra whitness
Precision point